Collection: Sea Moss Gel

Erewhon Sea Moss Gel, featured in many of our Erewhon Smoothies, offers a range of wellness elixirs: Golden Sol for gut health, Venus Vibes for beauty, Neptune Blue for energy, and Cosmic Berry for immunity. Each blend is rich in natural ingredients like ginger, turmeric, and elderberry, catering to holistic health needs. Customize your experience with a 2-pack option with express shipping available from Monday to Wednesday.

    What is Sea Moss?

    Sea Moss, a marine algae native to Caribbean regions like St. Lucia and Jamaica, also grows in the North Atlantic.

    This natural wonder potentially enhances the immune system, aids in healthy digestion, bolsters thyroid function through its iodine richness, and assists in weight control.

    As a holistic health enhancer, Sea Moss is gaining traction for its myriad potential benefits.

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    What Makes Our Sea Moss Special?

    Our Sea Moss, sourced from St. Lucia's pristine waters, is special due to its "Genus Gracilaria" variety, a multi-colored full spectrum blend of Purple, Gold, and Green Sea Moss.

    Wild-harvested and carefully dried, it retains natural color and phytonutrients. The Full Spectrum process ensures high antioxidants, including anthocyanins found in berries, and a boost of Chlorophyll.

    This unique combination offers a plethora of essential vitamins and minerals.


    Zero Preservatives

    Erewhon Sea Moss Gel stands out with its commitment to purity, containing zero preservatives and binders. By avoiding binders like gluten and polysorbate, the product remains untainted and closer to its natural state.

    This not only ensures a genuine sea moss experience but also reduces potential allergens and additives.

    Choosing Erewhon means embracing a cleaner, more natural wellness journey, free from unnecessary and potentially harmful additives.