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SuperYou® is your daily defense to help reduce the effects of stress to improve energy, mood, and focus.* 2 caps a day keep the stress away. The clinical strength formula helps regulate cortisol for proactive and reactive stress support. Four potent adaptogens traditionally used in Ayurveda and TCM help alleviate the emotional, mental, hormonal, and physical manifestations of stress.

When the stress response activates, all four adaptogens help regulate cortisol. Then Ashwagandha comes in to help the body cope with stress and reduce irritability.* As stress continues, energy gets depleted. Rhodiola in SuperYou® is traditionally used to reduce fatigue and increase alertness.* Prolonged periods of stress can impact hormones and skin. Shatavari is traditionally used for healthy hormonal balance, while Amla helps protect skin from oxidative stress.

Try Magnesi-Om® to help restore cellular balance for relaxation, sleep, brain health, and regularity.

Size: 60 capsules