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Erewhon Organic House Roast Coffee | Ground

Erewhon Organic House Roast Coffee | Ground

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Indulge in the rich symphony of Erewhon Ground Organic House Roast Coffee. Every sip unfurls enticing layers of caramel, chocolate, and a whisper of orange - a blend that feels both comforting and invigorating.

Beyond its taste, this coffee stands as a beacon of sustainability, proudly wearing its Regenerative Organic Certified badge. The distinct medium roast is meticulously crafted to deliver a robust and aromatic delight in each brew.

With Erewhon, you're not just choosing exceptional flavor; you're embracing a pledge to the planet.

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    Organic Coffee & Tea

    Roasted and currated with the with the utmost attention to detail, in order to accentuate the unique terroir of its origin in Nicaragua.

  • From Farm To Cup

    Our process begins with the careful handpicking of ripe cherries that undergo a meticulous process of fermentation, washing, and sun-drying - then roasted and packed in Los Angeles.

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    Delivered To Your Home

    Ensure you never miss a cup of delicious Erewhon coffee by subscribing and saving with our convenient option that's tailored just for you.


Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC)

Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) is a revolutionary new certification for food, fiber, and personal care ingredients. ROC farms and products meet the highest standards for soil health, animal welfare, and farmworker fairness.⁠

Roasted with immense care and attention to detail in a fully organic facility, our coffee reflects our craftsman approach by blending art and science.

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Our Mission

At Erewhon, we believe that nutrition is the key to a radiant lifestyle. Through our markets, we endeavor to provide exceptional organic products that inspire good decision-making and healthier communities.

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