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Raw Manuka Honey | UMF 15+ MGO 515+

Raw Manuka Honey | UMF 15+ MGO 515+

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Erewhon Raw Manuka Honey proudly carries New Zealand's esteemed UMF® 15+ certification, representing unparalleled purity and quality. With standout grades of 515+ MGO, every batch undergoes meticulous testing. Sourced from the pristine landscapes of the East Cape, our bees diligently harvest from the finest Manuka blossoms.

Our honey boasts unmatched bee bread concentrations—a nutritious compound transformed by bees and foundational to royal jelly. Beyond its nutritional richness, our Manuka speaks of the untouched beauty of the East Cape, ensuring a product that's as pure as nature intended

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  • Certified UMF® Purity & Quality

    UMF®, Unique Manuka Factor, represents New Zealand's esteemed certification, ensuring the purity and quality of Manuka honey. This grading evaluates key markers such as Methylglyoxal, which varies annually and signifies antibacterial potency, complemented by NPA & Leptosperin. A higher UMF® indicates heightened purity. We offer premium grades of 830+ MGO and 515+ MGO. Each batch of our Manuka undergoes rigorous independent testing and certification.

  • Unmatched Bee Bread Levels

    Our Manuka honey stands distinguished, boasting the highest concentrations of bee bread, unmatched versus other brands. Derived from plant pollen, bee bread undergoes a transformative process within the hive. Bees enrich it with enzymes, secretions, and honey, followed by a lactic acid fermentation that enhances digestibility. This potent substance not only offers remarkable nutrition but also serves as the foundation for royal jelly, a testament to its vitality.

  • Sourced from East Cape, New Zealand

    Originating from New Zealand's hidden gem, the East Cape, our Manuka thrives amidst the region's untouched landscapes — from lush greenery to golden beaches. In this serene environment, bees are unhampered, journeying 5km to locate the most robust, nectar-rich Manuka flowers. Their dedication ensures a product teeming with nature's finest.

Available in UMF 15+ and UMF 20+

Our Manuka honey, certified by New Zealand's distinguished UMF®, exemplifies purity with standout grades of 830+ MGO and 515+ MGO. Celebrated for its unmatched bee bread concentrations, a nutrient-rich substance that’s foundational to royal jelly, our honey is the epitome of nature's richness.

Sourced from the pristine East Cape of New Zealand, bees journey through untouched landscapes, ensuring they extract nectar from only the most luscious Manuka flowers, resulting in an unparalleled premium product.

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